Farhan Ali 2011 Ali Waris

Farhan Ali 2011 Ali Waris

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Farhan Ali 2011 Ali Waris Vol 2011 Nohay Release

Year: 2011

Nauhey in Album: 9

01 Inqelaab – AliĀ  Waris (9:09)

02 Bhool Pai Aakina (A.S) kahan (8:50)

03 Mera Ghar Jalaya(5:54)

04 Sari Duniya Hussain (A.S) Hussain (A.S) (8:48)

05 Nau Laakh Ka Raila (8:10)

06 Wa Hassan (A.S) Sabz Qaba (4:26)

07 Abbas (A.S) Tere Jaane Ka Baad (5:43)

08 Aey Shehre-E-Madina (9:24)

09 Ya Rab Behaq-E-Zehra (A.S) (9:05)

3 thoughts on “Farhan Ali 2011 Ali Waris”

  1. farhan bhai is the best noha khwan.assy hi mola ki yad mai nohy prhty rhain aap ,ALLAH aap ko hmesha khush rkhain.

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