Nadeem Sarwar 2011

Nadeem Sarwar 2011

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Nadeem Sarwar 2011 Vol 2011 Nohay Release
Year: 2011
Nauhey in Album: 9
Location: Karachi – Pakistan

01 Hamarey Hain Ya Hussain (A.S) (12:43) File Size:5.84 MB

02 Zinda Rahey Hussain (A.S) (08:31) File Size: 3.92 MB

03 Akbar Mera Pyara Tha  (06:28) File Size: 2.98 MB

04 Zindan Se Jab laut key  (07:17) File Size: 4.35 MB

05 Salam Un Aleyk Ya Hussain (A.S) (05:01) File Size: 2.31 MB

06 Hussaini Matam (06:017) File Size: 2.89 MB    Sindhi Track

07 Chotey Hazrat (A.S) (06:18) File Size: 2.90 MB

08 Sajjad Bhira (A.S) (07:36) File Size: 3.50 MB

09 Jab Hukm-E-Rehai Mila (09:32) File Size: 4.38 MB

11 thoughts on “Nadeem Sarwar 2011”

  1. Excellent work,

    Kindly upload latest movies of muharram (Rohri).
    That would be opportunity for me to watch online, Since I can not be there…..

    Best Regards,

  2. Aoa Nadeem Bhai YA ALI MADAD,
    MOULA JAN app sada salamt rakhain. Wish you best of luck for your future … May God MOULA PANJTAN PAK shower their blessing upon you and your family.

    Best Regards,
    Your Brother/Fan Ali

  3. nadeem bhai u r so great .v like u very much .
    may u achieve sucsess & may u live long .
    God bless u.
    Dear shanawar & ali.G !
    as a sisters we vant to give some advoice !
    high way of life is one way u can go but never come back .God bless you.

  4. دل هی تو کربلا دل هی تو یاحسین
    حسین هی تو پهر کسی چیز کی پرواه نهین

  5. u make us remeber of our beloved imam n their masaib may allah bless u n give u more n more succss may allah paak gve u reward of service for islam that tur our eyes wet may molla alaway bless u

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