Nadeem Sarwar 2010

Nadeem Sarwar 2010

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Nadeem Sarwar 2010 Vol 2010 Nohay Release
Year: 2010
Nauhey in Album: 9

01 Jahan Hussain Wahan Laillaha Illalla (11:56) File Size: 2.73 MB

02 Ae Azadar e Hussaini (08:48) File Size: 2.01 MB

03 Abbas Aa Ja (05:06) File Size: 1.02 MB

04 Achchay Mere Baba(08:50) File Size: 2.02 MB

05 Fatima Zahra Ka Bhara Ghar(07:05) File Size: 1.62 MB

06 Yad De Khal Khair(10:03) File Size: 1.62 MB

07 Kiyo Matam Hussain Jo(06:05) File Size: 2.20 MB Sindhi Track

08 Haye Mere Hussain O Hassan(05:48) File Size: 1.33 MB

09 Meda Haq Bandra(06:07) File Size: 1.40 MB

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