Nadeem Sarwar 2012

Nadeem Sarwar 2012
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Nadeem Sarwar 2012 Vol 2012 Nohay Release
Year: 2012
Nauhey in Album: 9
Location: Karachi – Pakistan

1. Abad Wallah Ya Zahra (S.A) (10:46)

2. Hyy Sadaat (8:15)

3. Ya Ali (A.S) Ya Abbas (A.S) (7:48)

4. Ana Ibn-e-Makkah (9:21)

5. Zainab (S.A) Ka Hai Andaz (6:19)

6. Fizza (A.S) Yeah Dua Karna (8:42)

7. Qaidi (A.S) Hoon Main Baba (6:30)

8. Yeah Janaza Hai Ali (A.S) Ka (6:52)

9. Mola Mola Hussain (A.S) (6:30)    Sindhi Track

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