Syed Raza Abbas Shah

Raza Abbas
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Syed Raza Abbas Shah 2012 Vol 2012 Nohay Release
Year: 2012
Nauhey in Album: 9
Location: Pakistan

1. Mukhtar (R.A) Zindabad (7:27) MP3

2. Tera Jhoola Jala Nahi (6:46) MP3

3. Aye Shaam Walo (7:42) MP3

4. Kanhan Bha Ge Lash (8:48) MP3   Sindhi Track

5. Awaaz Lehd Se Aaye (5:40) MP3

6. Khuda Ke Naam Per (5:37) MP3

7. Hamsheer Ka Parda (6:01) MP3

8. Ik Roz Qyammat (5:09) MP3

9. Zainab (S.A) Ujri (8:47) MP3

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