Irfan Haider 2013

Irfan Haider 2013

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Year: 2012 to 2013
Noha Khan Name Irfan Haider
Released Year 2012/13
Total Track:- 09
Location:- Karachi Pakistan
Added Date:- Tuesday , 20 November 2012
Bit Rate:- 128Kbps

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1. Diya Jalaye Rakhna (10:26) MP3
2. Zehra (S.A) Sani (9:18) MP3
3. Rab Jaanay Hussain (A.S) Jaanay (6:03) MP3
4. Sakina (S.A) Ke Taboot Per (8:55) MP3
5. Ya Habeeb Ya Hussain (A.S) (6:36) MP3
6. Qafila Aa Gaya (5:58) MP3
7. Goonj Rahi Hai Sada (6:26) MP3
8. Khudara Hyy (6:54) MP3
9. Sam Pao Sakina (S.A) (7:09) MP3

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2 thoughts on “Irfan Haider 2013”

  1. In HIS Name the Most High
    Salam Alykum,
    I pray that this message finds you in the best of your health & Emaan. Ameen.
    Dear Brother,

    I want to send you my noha Album 2013-14 VOL 2 for your great website. Can you please tell me the procedure.

    Jazak Allah

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